William E. Patterson Award

William E. Patterson Award

Dr. Snipes

Congratulations to Dr. Phyllis Snipes, 2017 Award Winner, for her work with the School Library Effectiveness Instrument.


William E. Patterson was president of GLMA 1979-80 and editor of the Georgia Library Media Department Newsletter. With these leadership roles and a host of other contributions and involvements in school library media programs, the William E. Patterson Award was established to honor library media professionals for outstanding and continuous service to the Georgia Library Media Association, Inc.


  • The recipient for the award is chosen by the President.
  • The President consults with the Committee Chair as to the appropriate wording for the award plaque.
  • The award is presented by the President during a conference designated by the President and the Board.


  • The award will recognize long term, outstanding service to the GLMA and the library media profession.