Executive Board

GLMA Executive Board


Michelle Easley
GLMA President
Jennifer Helfrich
Lora Taft
Treasurer; Exemplary Media Program Co-Chair
Theresa Quilici
Beth Miller
Immediate Past President
Nan Brown
Advocacy Coordinator
Holly Frilot
Awards & Grants Coordinator
Mini-Grant Chair
Website Chair
Patricia Morton
Communications Coordinator
Communications Coordinator
Communications Coordinator
Department of Education Liaison
Stephen Williams
GAE Liaison
Dr. Danilo Baylen
GAIT Liaison
Marcia Kochel
GISL Liaison
Valerie Ayer
Intellectual Freedom Award Chair
Eden Clark
Exemplary Media Program Co-Chair
Holly Frilot
Rosalind Dennis
Organization Maintenance Coordinator
Donna Jones
Special Projects Coordinator
Susan Grigsby
Summer Institute Chair
Professional Development Coordinator

GLMA District Chairs

Ramona Burnett
Northwest GA District Chair
Mary Perdue
North Central GA District Chair
Laura Losch
North GA District Chair
Donna Jones
Northeast GA District Chair
Myra Clark Johnson
Metro District Co-Chair
Patricia Morton
Metro District Co-Chair
Lora Taft
West GA District Chair
Tammy Privette
South Metro District Chair
Middle GA District Chair
Jessica Dial
Central GA District Chair
Renae McNeely
East GA District Chair
West Central GA District Chair
Heart of GA District Chair
Lynn Bigbie
Coastal GA District Chair
Ashley Collier
Southwest GA District Chair
Heather Morin
South Central GA District Chair
Southeast GA District Chair

GLMA Executive Office Staff

Lasa Joiner
Executive Consultant
Kathryn Stempler
Director of Membership Services
Arianna Afshari
Director of Marketing & Events
Sally Carter
Director of Communications