June 8, 2020

Virtual Conference Schedule

Session 1
10:00 am - 10:30 am
Session 2
10:45 am - 11:15 am
Session 3
1:30 am - 12:00 pm
Session 4
12:15 pm - 12:45 pm
Closing Session
1:00 pm - 1:15 pm
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Coffee EDU (8:00 AM-8:30 AM)


Wake up and get ready for the day with coffee and collaboration!  Join us for CoffeeEDU at 8:00 am. 

Facilitator:  Ge-Anne Bolhuis

opening session (9:00 AM-9:45 AM)


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Audience: All

Summer Institute Welcome

holly frilot head shot 2018 2.jpg
Holly Frilot, GLMA President

Opening Remarks

Cicely Lewis, SLJ Librarian of the Year

State LMSOTY Announcement

Wendy Cope
 Grants & Awards Coordinator
Jennifer Lewis

Concurrent session 1 (10:00 AM- 10:30 AM)

Harvesting the Future by Mentoring Today: Supporting the Entire Career Cycle of LMS/ITS

Most new hires get ample support in their first year or two. Then they’re expected to know the ropes and work until retirement. But what happens in the in between years? Can we do a better job supporting the career phases of a SLMS? It’s a conversation long overdue!

Presenter: Ge-Anne Bolhuis

Audience: All

Category: Leadership

Graphic Novel Lunch Club: A Place to Belong

Have you considered sponsoring a lunch club? Now’s the time! You’ll hear the journey of one school’s first library lunch club, along with tips for implementing your own. See how embracing graphic novels gave students a place to belong and leave with all you’ll need to start your own.

Presenter: Tammy McIntyre

Audience: All

Category: Reading/Literacy

Favorite Apps for the Media Center and ways to Use Them

This session is designed around apps that I use in the media center and how I use them to collaborate with teachers to make student learning hands-on. Attendees will walk away with ideas that can be implemented in their media center next


Presenter: Jo Nase

Audience: Elementary
Category: Tech Tools

Makers Gonna Make

This session will cover the ways maker projects can be used in the classroom to increase collaboration with other teachers. It will cover how maker projects can be used in multiple subjects and how to market them to teachers. The session will cover multiple types of maker projects from techy to non-techy.

Presenter: Meggan Ford

Audience: All

Category: Reading/Literature


Concurrent session 2 (10:45 AM- 11:15 AM)

Library Learning Commons Certification

Join this session for a discussion about the impact of the Library Learning Commons Certification in Cobb and how it can provide a focus for transforming your program for the future, too.

Presenter: Holly Frilot & Joanne Bates

Audience: All

Category: Leadership

Read Like a Peach

The Georgia Peach Book Award works to promote reading and literacy skills in teens. Each year, a committee of school and public librarians reads widely to choose a list of twenty nominated titles. Come learn about the recent winners and how to use GA Peach books in your library.

Presenter: Amanda Lee & Lori Hoover

Audience: High School

Category: Reading/Literacy

Blasting Off with Book Creator

Learn how to use Book Creator to help your students design amazing eBooks! Walk away from this session with ideas for projects to use in the media center or to share with your teachers, such as book journals, history timelines, and graphic novel retellings.

Presenter: Traci Costilow

Audience: Elementary

Category: Tech Tools

Sign of Our Times

Do you need fresh ideas on how to put signage in your Media Center? Maybe you've moved something and you're trying to make it more obvious. Displays are great, but helping students find materials easily, on their own, is key. Join a group of Media Specialists as they describe successes & failures & ideas on providing signage in the Media Center.

Presenter: Robbie Barber, Janie Kossak
Rocky Silverberg

Audience: All

Category: Reading/Literature


concurrent session 3 (11:30 AM- 12:00 PM)

Making Space for for Student Mindfulness and Stress Relief - the Next Role of the Learning Commons

Students are under more pressure (personal and academic) than before. What role can the learning commons take in helping students find balance in their busy lives? We'll talk about how IHS is trying to help students find that ‘sweet spot’ by providing space, support and tools to support wellness


Presenter: Kim Simshauser

Audience: Middle/High

Category: Leadership

Session Materials
Growing Readers One Book at a Time: Cultivating a Culture of Reading

We know that reading is fundamental, but it should also be fun! This session provides examples of how media specialists can generate excitement and interest in reading and books. From book clubs to BINGO, and one school, one book programs to FlipGrid, explore how media specialists can be literacy leaders,

Presenter: Rebecca Erwin

Audience: Elementary

Category: Reading/Literacy

Back to the Future: Sharing Tips to Help Your Journey Into Presenting

Do you ever think: “How do I keep up in this job?” or “How do they make those slides, videos, graphics, etc?”. Do you sit in sessions at conferences and think “I think I could do that.”? This session is for you! I’ll break down the essentials & show you how!

Presenter: Ge-Anne Bolhuis

Audience: All

Category: Tech Tools

Vote Woke: How to Empower Your Students to Become Registered Voters Using Books & Community Support

Join Cicely as she shares about how she used Woke Wednesdays to educate her students about voting which led to her winning The MTV Virtual Prom grant of $5,000 , free Virtual Prom, and a private virtual Zoom call with Michelle Obama and Jenna Bush Hager. She will share ways for educators to win $150 for their classroom and how to start a student led Voter Registration team at school

Presenter: Cicely Lewis

Audience: High School

Category: Reading/Literacy


concurrent session 4 (12:15 PM- 12:45 PM)

The Power of Advocacy


Learn how to advocate for your library program at all levels. This will be a discussion and hands on session to explore how advocacy can help your library program reach your goals. Come prepared to think and discuss what advocacy could look like at the school, district, and state level.

Presenter: Amanda Lee & Nan Brown

Audience: All

Category: Leadership

Perfect Strangers: How Public & School Librarians can Work Smarter, Together

Learn how a school librarian is working in conjunction with her public librarian peers to increase resource access, encourage more independent reading through a schoolwide reading program, and push families to participate in summer programs. Hear what works, what doesn’t, and walk away inspired to collaborate with a natural, and often untapped, partner.

Presenter: Sharon Britt & Don Giacomini

Audience: All

Category: Reading/Literacy

School Librarian as a Game Changer: Innovative Strategies to Inspire Teachers and Learners

Explore creative strategies to be your best cheerleader and demonstrate your value while growing your fan base, resulting in additional support and growth of resources for your school library. Actively participate in crafting strategic plays that correlate with core content areas using a variety of innovative equipment suitable for every budget. Learn advocacy strategies for your position, inspire teacher and administrator support, and develop a culture of innovation. Be the ultimate game changer!

Presenter: Stacy Brown

Audience: Elementary/Middle

Category: Leadership

More Support than Victoria's Secret - Support Digital Learning

As school librarians, we know how to support learning, but what have we learned about supporting digital learning? Let's share our stories about what strategies we've gathered during the last weeks and months as our job has been turned on its head. And what can we take from this experience into whatever lies ahead for the fall?


Presenter: Christa Deissler

Audience: All

Category: Instructional Strategies

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Closing Session (1:00 PM- 1:15 PM)


Closing Remarks

& Survey

Christa Deissler
Summer Institute Coordinator
Robbie Barber
Professional Development
Jennifer Helfrich
Summer Institute Chair

 Happy Hour & Twitter Chat

#GaLibChat (8:00PM)

happy hour.jpg

Join us for a virtual Happy Hour and Twitter Chat. Spend some time sharing with friends and colleagues what you learned today!

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Pre- recorded, Asynchronous Sessions

Capstone Connect

Join Eric Fitzgerald, VP of Sales at Capstone Publishing & Jim Boon, Capstone Sales representative as they give you an exclusive "first look" at Capstone Connect. Capstone Connect is a new product that allows 6000+ pieces of read aloud content (aligned to K-5 standards) to be integrated seamless into your school or district's learning management system. 


Supporting K-12 Students & 

Educators with Gale Cengage

Director of K-12 Products, Lemma Shomali, shares with media specialists how Gale Cengage can support students and educators in all grades through online content in support of the curriculum and lesson planning. Gale In Context for Educators is the newest way to curate information and collaborate with teachers. See new content in eBooks collections to help build your virtual libraries. Learn how Gale Cengage can help enhance social and emotional learning for your students.


Convergent Evolution in Action

Let's go hands on and break down a complex process into an interactive game, pitting classes of animals against each other in the survival of the fittest.

Presenter: Cat Mills

For the Birds

In the For the Birds series by author, illustrator & animator Avery C.J. Tucker, Hattie and friends learn valuable lessons that are relatable to parents and children alike. Listen as Avery describes lessons using the books as well as author visits for all ages.


Celebrating 100 Years

with Bound to Stay Bound!

Join a multitude of authors and illustrators to help Bound to Stay Bound celebrate their 100th anniversary! Hear from Nick Bruel, Ruta Sepetys, Nicola Yoon and many more.  BTSB will talk to media specialists about how they can help media specialists with both remote learning and delivery of materials during these trying times. Take a fun tour of BTSB and see the quality of their books!


Digging into MackinVia

Follow along with Glady Autry as she guides you through the MackinVia platform.  From eBooks and audiobooks to videos and databases, learn how MackinVia can put all of your resources together in one place!