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Why Join GLMA?

Joining GLMA supports advocacy for the profession, professional learning, and a professional network.

Mission and History

GLMA is a professional organization of those dedicated to the advancement and empowerment of school library media specialists and to quality education in Georgia’s schools. GLMA, Inc. is the state affiliate to the American Association of School Libraries (AASL), a division of the American Library Assocation (ALA).

There are many issues facing Georgia’s school library media specialists.  Your opinions matter and, through your membership in the Georgia Library Media Association, your voice will be heard. 

GLMA has a history of service to school librarians/media specialists that dates back to 1930.  Through its members, GLMA provides information and opportunities from governmental issues to professional development.

The GLMA By-laws and Policies and Procedures were updated in 2019.  The GLMA Board of Directors is made up of the Executive Board, Region Chairs, and Executive Office. Current officers are listed below. 

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