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Go Sew By Sharon Amolo

Updated: Mar 11, 2022

In 2021 I received the Mable Wyche Underwood. The grant was used to purchase ten sewing machines in order to start a sewing club. The sewing club was started in order to expand the maker opportunities available to students. There was such a great response to the sewing club that I used local funds to purchase six additional machines.

During the GO Sew Club students learned how to not only use the sewing machine, but also how to hand sew. Almost all of the students had no sewing experience so we started off slow. The first meeting consisted of learning how to thread a bobbin and the sewing machine. Then students practiced by sewing simple stitches. Next, we were ready to start our first project, making a bandana blanket. Students selected six bandanas to sew together. This was the perfect first project since it allowed students to get comfortable with the sewing machine. Throughout this project I was amazed by the patience of the students when something went wrong with their machine. They spent three weeks sewing their blankets, and they turned out fantastic.

I felt it was important for students to also learn how to hand sew. The second project was to make a winter hat. This would allow students to learn how to do two of the most common stitches, a running stitch and a whip stitch. Students were able to quickly master this project and their hats turned out wonderful.

Students will work on one more project, a snack mat, which is a small placemat where a drink and a snack can be placed. The snack mat allows students to practice quilt stitching. This project will be a nice cumulation of all the things students learned since they will be using a combination of machine and hand stitching.

I have been so proud and pleased with the result of the GO Sew club. The club would not be possible without the help of two of the student’s grandmothers and our local school technology coordinator. They are all sewers and are so knowledgeable and help guide the students. I am so appreciative for the GLMA grant that allowed me to bring sewing to Gwin


Apply today for the Mable Wyche Underwood Grant--due March 14!

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