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One Word

Replace Your Resolutions with #Oneword

by Dr. Robbie Barber

The #oneword movement is the idea that you pick a focus word for the year. It can be a verb, like “travel” or a noun like “family.” It can be a word that is both a noun and a verb like “adventure.” It can be an adjective like “brave.” The word may give you hope or help you focus on a task.

Rather than make a resolution that I break by the end of January, I find it easier to focus on a word. Last year, after enduring holidays in 2020 without my own children, I chose the word “Family.” When I was wavering in decisions on what to do, I focused on my word. What was best for my family? To my surprise, even though I had created my #oneword with a focus on my personal family, I found that the word encompassed my work family too. I found that clarifying decisions as part of my family, made me more empathetic to faculty, staff, and especially students. I returned to my #oneword again and again for focus, inspiration, and satisfaction.

This year, I challenge you to find your #oneword. What will help you through 2022? Share with the hashtags #glma and #oneword2022. Here’s a pro tip: create an image with your #oneword and make it a save screen on your phone. Free design programs like Canva for Education and Adobe Creative Cloud Express for Education can be used to do this. You’ll then be reminded of your focus word for the whole year. It’s a resolution you can keep.

Learn more about Robbie’s #oneword2022:

Learn about the #oneword movement here:

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