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Unique Community Engagement through Car line Shenanigans

I’m convinced that I am a 5-year-old kid trapped in a 6-foot tall, 48-year-old’s body. A little over the top, very dramatic, and always looking for the fun in everything. I never dreamed that I would work at the elementary school level, but after 20+ years of high school, I made the switch to being an elementary librarian. I realized quickly that It is the perfect fit for me because I have a ton of energy and a kid-at-heart mentality! The first day of teacher pre-planning, morning duties were discussed. One of our teachers who had been assigned outdoor duty directing carline traffic for several years asked if anyone was willing to switch and give him a break. My hand flew into the air because 1. I love being outside, even in inclement weather, 2. I am a HUGE morning person, and 3. I loved the idea of getting to greet the cars as they came in the morning. I don’t think the other teachers, or even my administrators, realized just how much fun carline was going to be for me.

I have always been a “waver”. If I am working in my yard, I will always throw a hand up to wave at any car passing by. It’s just in my nature. I also realized that I am the first person that some of these parents and kids see when they arrive at school, so why not make sure they know we WANT them here and we are EXCITED to have them at our school! I smiled and waved very enthusiastically and occasionally held up signs for special days, like football games, Kindness Day, Military Appreciation Day, etc.. Then October rolled around, and I found some funky Halloween glasses and headbands, which led to Christmas and wearing a tree costume and Buddy the Elf onesie. Parents began honking and waving in return and many would let me know just how much it meant to them and their kids to see me everyday. Wow!

I get to do what I absolutely love - smile, wave, and dance for thirty minutes every morning - and if that means a kid enjoys coming to school more or a parent knows just how much I love their kid, then I am in the right place in life. So I eagerly strap on my fanny pack that holds dog treats for all the dogs of carline and my phone with my playlist, and head out each day ready to build relationships with the amazing families at our school! Want to see some of the carline shenanigans? Follow me on IG @crazymrst or on TikTok @palmettogirl3

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