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What is Your Library to You?

By: Marcia Kochel

A library and library staff should welcome, connect, and build community with its patrons. If a student has a positive experience in the library, they will return and they will be open to reading new books and learning research skills that will last them a lifetime. If a student is having a difficult day, the library can be their refuge, a unique place in school where they are not judged or graded. If a student’s ideas and input are valued, they will put forth their best effort and behave well. Similarly, teachers are under a lot of stress and we strive to make our teacher’s lives easier by providing support for them in many ways.

We provide resources on a wide variety of issues, and we uphold our student’s freedom to read and their right to privacy. We read the books our students are reading and we make lots of recommendations. We facilitate multiple book clubs and offer opportunities for students to learn coding, design for 3D printing, and experience virtual reality. Our library program affects over 1,000 students and teachers and has the capacity to set the tone of energy and excitement for the whole school. The larger mission of the library program and staff is to make the library a radical positive change agent in our community.

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