The Georgia Library Media Association supports our members in advocating for the support of their school library programs. GLMA employs a registered lobbyist to represent members in the legislative process, and we use various forms of electronic communication and social media to keep our members informed about the state-level policies that impact their programs. We also support members in advocating for their programs at the school, district, state and national levels.

GLMA Advocacy Toolkit

Grants and Awards

GLMA offers its members the chance to be recognized within the association for excellent work in their library media center with 2 awards and 1 grant application.

Anyone who has been a member of GLMA for at least 2 consecutive years is eligible for the Library Media Specialist of the Year Award or the Intellectual Freedom Award. We also award Mable Wyche Mini-Grants to media specialists with outstanding program ideas.

Member News

METI Openings

The following schools still have Media and Educational Technology Instructor (METI) openings. A degree in library media or instructional technology is required. Candidates can be working on state certification in library media to qualify. If you know of any interested candidates please apply on the Fulton County Schools website.

Brookview Elementary
Conley Hills Elementary
Dunwoody Springs Elementary
River Eves Elementary
Woodland Elementary